"Thank you so much for an amazing Purim! The music rocked the house and set the perfect tone! My mother is definitely gonna spread your name! But I'm telling you now: we reserve you for next year!!"
Esstee Rapoport - Syracuse, N.Y.
“I am just contacting you to tell you that your music is truly amazing! Just from watching your videos I can see it is really good! Thanks!”
Sheina P.
"The man behind it all!! Kol Hakavod! Keep up the amazing work you do!"
Rabbi Yossi Bryski - Shviin Chavivin.
"Hi Dani, never got around to tell you thank you for the music, you did an amazing job!"
Mushky Wolf - Brooklyn, N.Y.
"Hey Dani, just wanted to thank you for the music. It was great! Looking forward to having you again!"
Y.Y. Hurwitz - Liberty, N.Y. (Chanuka - 5774).
"You did a great job! If Moshiach doesn't come, next year we'll have you again!"
Y.Y. Hurwitz - Liberty, N.Y. (Chanuka - 5775).
"You are getting better every year! Yasher Koiach, and hopefully we'll bring you again!"
Yisroel Hurwitz - Liberty, N.Y. (Chanuka - 5776).
"We had an AMAZING Purim because of Dani Springer!"
Chanie Rapoport - Syracuse, N.Y.
"People were just hanging around, when the music started, that's when the party started!"
Aryeh Leib Hurwitz - New York, N.Y.
"Very professional, really flexible with the location and crowd. On time and responsible."
Sruli Deitsch - Bronxville, N.Y.
"My community really enjoyed your music!"
Nochum Light - Annapolis, MD.
"Hi, just wanted to tell you I was at the Bar Mitzvah last night that you played at and the music was A+!!"
"Dani Springer you did an amazing job, the music was Chassidish and Lebedik and had a great part in creating the atmosphere which permeated our Simcha. Thank you!"
Chani Benjaminson - Rhode Island.
"...Dani Springer, I heard him play at a Bar Mitzva. Was really great!".
Sara Mahpour
"You were amazing! Keep up the amazing music you do!"
Esty Goodman - New Brunswick, N.J.
"What a beautiful Simcha it was! Thanks for the great music!!!!"
Mushkie Silberberg - Brooklyn, N.Y.
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